Can’t We All Just Get Along? Secrets to Staying Gluten-Free in a Gluten-Filled Kitchen


It’s a brand new year and with that comes the inspiration for change and the motivation to get things done! Perhaps staying gluten-free has proven difficult in the past and you are looking to finally make the moves necessary to keep yourself on track.  In an ideal world, everyone in your home would follow a gluten-free diet to make it easy to know that anything and everything is safe to eat.  The reality is, for various reasons, many people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance share a kitchen with folks who aren’t on a gluten-free diet. The good news is that with a little organization it’s totally possible to safely and easily share a gluten-filled kitchen even when you are gluten-free! Read on to find out how.

6a0111684ceeae970c0120a8690eea970bStart with a Clean Sweep
In cases of celiac disease and highly sensitive gluten intolerance, as little as a tiny crumb of a food containing gluten can trigger an adverse reaction. Prepare your shared kitchen for being gluten-free friendly, by giving your kitchen a clean sweep. Wipe down shelves, clean out the silverware drawer, and give any containers that have held foods with gluten run in the dishwasher.

6a0111684ceeae970c0120a86f5d37970bThe “Eyes” Have It
Make it easy on everyone in your home by giving visual cues as to what foods and kitchen tools are gluten-free. For most food items a label will do the trick.  For those kitchen items that pose high cross contamination risks, such as colanders, try tying a color coded ribbon to the handle to easily mark what should not be used for foods with gluten.

Adopt a Top Down Mentality
When it comes to arranging items in the kitchen, work from the top down. Place all of your gluten-free foods on the top shelves so any crumbs that may fall don’t accidentally fall into the gluten-free foods. As an added bonus, these top shelf gluten-free zones will make it simple to know where everything belongs!

6a0111684ceeae970c0133f25f7be8970bDouble Up
For those items that are too hard to share (think toasters) or those that are especially easy to cross contaminate (think peanut butter and jelly) it can be worthwhile to invest in two of those items…  just be sure to use those visual cues to make it easy for everyone to see what needs to remain gluten-free!

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