Gluten Free Easter Bunny Pancakes & Strawberry Carrot Patch

We’re not going to lie.  The jury might still be out on how cute these recipes actually are. But the fun factor involved in making them certainly outweighed not sharing them with you!  We were very inspired by all the Easter Bunny Pancakes out there on Pinterest and also the food stylings of Jacobs Food Diaries.  We are definitely not food artists of that caliber but we figured inspiration is inspiration!  We certainly hope you enjoy, and better yet, get inspired to have some gluten-free fun of your own this Easter!

If ever a bunny was entitled to the name Floppy, we feel like this is it!  Floppy looks a little drowsy and perhaps ready to flop into bed.

For Floppy we used:   TGFC Gluten-Free Pancake Mix for the head and the cheeks; Strawberries for the cheeks, nose and bowtie; Bananas for the ears and eyes;  Honeydew and Cantaloupe for the eyes and teeth.  The only thing that isn’t fruit or pancake are the pupils of the eyes.  They are Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips and that’s simply because we ate all the blueberries before we got around to making Floppy! We also had a cool idea to use apple slices for whiskers.  We ate those too.

Pro tip:  Making fun food means eating fun food.  Make sure to make the fun food before all the other fun food is gone!

This creation has to be one of the cutest things we’ve seen around as far as Easter food inspiration.  We got the idea at the Hostess With The Mostess blog, filed under Sunny Sweet Farm Animals Party.  Scroll on down till you get to the Dirt Cake with Strawberry’s dipped in orange icing to make them look like carrots in the garden!  Seriously!  Cute. Mind.  Blown!

However, Easter is already full of so much sugar we decided to turn to our favourite local producers of delicious dips and spreads, Forte Whole Foods, to tone down the recipe.  In this case, we spread TGFC Gluten-Free Bread with the Chocolate Plum Spread and covered the “strawberry carrots” with the Orange Date Spread.  EEK!  We were just so excited at how simple this recipe could be. Sure sure, it’s not the bright orange that carrots are, but your imaginative little ones will probably dive into the garden with you as you weave the a bunny tail with this Easter morning breakfast.

Other recipes that inspired us and we would love to try converting to gluten-free sometime include:

{{  Hot Cross Pancakes ::  Photo & Recipe Credit Joy the Baker  }}

{{  French Toast Casserole  ::  Recipe Credit Paula Deen @ The Food Network  }}

{{  Ham & Cheese Breakfast Bake  ::  Photo & Recipe Credit Woman’s Day  }}

Share with us your favourite gluten-free recipes for Easter!  We’d love to hear about them.

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