Gluten-Free Food Art

We absolutely love seeing what people make with our products!  It’s like we provide the canvas and you are the artists and together we make delicious pieces of art!

Take Lindsay is Vegan for example.  Lindsay is a vegan cooking and recipe master, she has hosted Supper Clubs here in Vancouver, is a rocking mom and wife and this past year went on to co-found a fun and foodie inspired marketing company called Piquant Marketing. We saw her on the weekend at The Gluten Free Expo, gave her some vegan pizza shells and pancake mix and waited for her to make magic because we just knew she would get up to something amazing and delicious!  That very night her and her daughter whipped up this beautiful, artisan, inspiring pizza for dinner with a pureed marinated artichoke heart sauce, tomatoes, walnuts, pine nuts, spinach and basil.  We are just drooling over this pic! Nothing can bring us more joy than you all enjoying our products!

We encourage you to share your pics of your meals with us when using our products and inspire those around you to create gluten-free masterpieces.  Make sure to use the hashtags #theglutenfreechefca and/or #tgfcpizzaparty so we can find you or tag us directly – @theglutenfreechef on IG; @tglutenfreechef on Twitter and on Facebook.  We can’t wait to be invited into your home for a home cooked meal with you!

The Gluten Free Chef

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