I Love Staying In With You :: Valentines Day Shopping Made Easy

With Valentines literally around the calendar corner we wanted to share some inspiration for things you can do for the big day.  And what are those things that we love?  Let’s take a peak over at Whole Foods Market and see what you can do in a grocery shop!

Starting with our inspiration, we just love this sweet card seen above by Vancouver designer and stationary maker Valerie Lau.  Designs by Val has sweet and whimsical designs that can say so much with the simplest pics.  With all the snow dumping on us these past few weeks, cozying up on a couch with our sweetheart is a magical idea.  If we could purchase a fire place from Whole Foods Market we’d do that too (if you have a fireplace, they do sell firewood!).  We’ll settle for the TV screen on the fireplace channel, as long as our sweetheart is next to us.

Naturally, a home cooked meal is an essential to a romantic night or morning in.  Whether you say it with our pizza crusts (see last weeks post for an Eggplant, Pistachio, Pomegranate Pizza recipe by Martha Stewart on our gluten-free pizza crusts) or The Gluten Free Chef pancake mix, as seen above and in our last post with pancake hearts for Valentines, our products make up conveniently and you’ll never know they are gluten-free.  You and your meal will be your gluten-free sweethearts dream come true!

Since we are doing our Valentines Day shopping at a grocery store, you can expect that you haven’t seen the last of the food recommendations!  So taking things one step above and beyond we share our love of Local and amazing (and gluten-free) treats that you can add to your romantic menu.
Denman Island Chocolate Hearts – wrapped in the purtiest foils, you’ll probably find these on the way out at the register.  Who could resist finding a chocolate heart on their pillow?

Forte Whole Foods Fruit & Chocolate Spreads – Spread it! Dip it!  Spoon it!  Fill it!  Lick it!  We tell ya, these delicious vegan and nut free spreads have sexy and romantic night in with your sweetheart written all over it!  You can spoon up some Chocolate Espresso spread with strawberries or bring in the Blueberry Date or Orange Date with cheese in crackers.  Regardless of how you choose to Bring it! with these spreads, they surely will not disappoint.
–  1902 Kombucha – Mix things up by serving a 1902 Kombucha like a champagne or sparkling wine or really mix things up by turning these smooth and clean kombucha flavours into a cocktail of their own.  Substitute the Ginger flavour in a Dark and Stormy for the ginger beer or just add a little Rum to the Mojito flavour.

–  Wendel’s True Foods Sweetheart Sugar Cookies – These seasonal, gluten-free Valentines Day cookies from Wendel’s are a perfect treat for your sweetheart of any age!  Whether you are cozying up on the couch to watch a favourite cartoon or your favourite romantic comedy, no Valentine will feel left out with a box of these on hand.
Last but not least, one thing that Whole Foods Market does and only Whole Foods Market does well is their robust selection of Whole Trade Roses at Valentines Day.  What’s wrong with being traditional for Valentines?  Whole Trade® flowers provide premium that goes directly into important community programs for the flower farmworkers so you can feel good about your purchase for many reasons besides the fact that your sweetheart can enjoy them.  There is always a huge selection of colours and the lovely people that work in the store will wrap your flowers for no extra cost.  Every year there is a deal on these flowers so make sure to check in at your closest store to find out the details.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of inspirations and products for Valentines Day as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  We hope you enjoy your day and make your sweethearts gluten-free wishes come true.

The Gluten Free Chef

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