Mozza + Pesto + Tomato Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese

Anyone ever want to eat a ball of bocconcini like an apple or is that just us?  We love to keep things dairy free and vegan friendly around here but nothing can compare to fresh buffalo mozzarella.  So if you are a friend of dairy, vegetarian or not, this recipe is for you.

Nothing could be easier than grilled cheese sandwiches, in our opinion.  Upgrading your grilled cheese sandwich game with a rotation of simple, convenient and delicious ingredients is something we highly recommend.

If you are looking for a quick and easy meal solution than look no further, we have the recipe for you.

Have we convinced you yet?  🙂

Mozza + Pesto + Tomato Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese, makes two sandwiches

4 slices of The Gluten Free Chef Bread
1 large bocconcini
1 tablespoon pesto
1 roma tomato
1 tablespoon butter, we used Earth Balance cause we love it!

First slice up the bocconcini and tomatoes. Butter the outsides of the bread.  Spread a thin layer of basil on one slice of bread for each sandwich.  Layer tomato and bocconcini on the slice of bread with pesto.  Close up the sandwich and cook in a panini press or in a pan on medium heat.  Each side should take 2-3 minutes.  Enjoy!

You know what is even better than wanting to eat a ball of bocconcini like an apple? Eating it melted paired with fresh ingredients.  YUM!

TIP:  We once cleaned out our fridge and freezer and found several jars of unfinished pesto!!  What a disgrace!!  That’s why we take up the habit of buying our pesto in the bulk olive section of the store if it is available.  It’s fresh and we only take the smallest amount that we need.  Enough for the sandwiches and maybe an extra small pasta for lunch later in the week.  You can find bulk olive and tapenade sections like this in Italian styled deli’s or grocery shops or even Whole Foods Market.

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