Say It With Sandwiches <3

How will you say I love you today?  To your sweetheart, your family, your little ones, your big ones, your friends and of course, yourself?

These little heart sandwiches don’t need to be exclusive with Valentine’s Day.  They are an easy treat for any day of the year when anyone on your Love List deserves a little something extra.

With so many reasons to eat well it’s a real treat when we get to love the food we eat. These heart sandwiches are made with The Gluten Free Chef Bread and Forte Whole Foods nut-free, dairy-free and vegan Blueberry Date & Chocolate Date spreads.  When things are this delicious it’s easy to spread the love!  We simply used a heart shaped cookie cutter that cut two hearts per slice, spread the love of our favourite Forte Whole Foods spreads and done! If you are worried about waste as sometimes we are too, don’t sweat!  We tossed the leftover bread slices back in a bag in the freezer, seal them up and save them for when we want to toast up some croutons for a salad or use them for stuffing in a recipe.

We hope that no matter how you say I love you that your Valentine’s Day was full of fun, love and surprises.

The Gluten Free Chef

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