Smart Secrets to Stay Gluten-Free When You Travel

Staying gluten free at home is one thing. You have a kitchen stocked with all your gluten-free favorites and you know which restaurants can accommodate your needs. Leaving the comforts of home to travel can make your gluten free diet seem more challenging though. The good news is that with a little prep work and determination you can easily stay gluten free while you travel. 

  1. Do Your Homework. Thanks to technology, you have virtually all the information you need for a successful gluten free trip right at your fingertips. Spend a little time prior to your trip researching the best gluten free restaurants and health food stores close to where you’ll be staying.  Try checking on Facebook for gluten-free groups in those areas.  Post questions and ask for opinions.  The locals are definitely one of your best resources.
  2. Think Small. Smaller local restaurants are often more knowledgeable about what goes into their food. This allows them to better help answer any questions you may have to assure gluten free food safety.
  3. Stay Cool. When all else fails, pack a cooler with some of your gluten free favorites. Check with your hotel to see if you can get a room with a small refrigerator to keep gluten free favorites fresh and available whenever you need them.  Getting a hotel suite with a small kitchenette can not only save you from gluten when eating out but also on your food budget in general when travelling.
  4. Get Creative. The barrage of fast food restaurants that litter interstate exits are not exactly known for a wealth of gluten free options. Skip fast food establishments all together and get creative with your pit stops. Look for a nearby grocery store where you can easily grab a banana and peanut butter, deli meat, nuts, cheese and more. If a grocery store isn’t an option, don’t discount a convenience store for a healthy gluten free option. Many convenience stores have fruit, nuts, and protein bars to keep you going if you just think outside the box.

We hope that no matter what you are up to this upcoming March Break or if you are already in summer vacation planning mode, this helps gear you in a positive direction to the best gluten-free travel experience you can have!  We know how important it is, from our family to yours!

The Gluten Free Chef

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