Taste the Rainbow :: St Patty’s Day Pizza

St. Patrick’s Day is just over a week away and we know how fun it can be to celebrate.  We wanted to come up with a recipe or fun activity that included our products and was family friendly.  We stumbled across the blog The Crafting Chicks and their St. Patricks Day Round Up (maybe you’ll find something else fun to do) but that lead us to Over The Big Moon’s St. Patrick Day Pizza.  Now that is speaking our language.
First off, grocery shopping for this pizza was especially fun.  For one it’s a challenge because blue produce isn’t especially common so it was part of the experience to come up with ideas and what exactly we wanted on the pizza.  Second, we wanted our ingredients to compliment each other and make a rainbow.  Bottom line, we wanted stuff that was delicious together.
In the end we came up with the following:  Green Pepper (for our shamrock), Purple Kale (Purple), Figs (Blue), Avocado (Green), Pineapple Mango Salsa (Yellow), Heirloom Tomato (Orange) and Red Pepper (Red).  We also went full on VEGAN!  Since we didn’t indulge in any sausage or meat products for our rainbow, we used our The Gluten Free Chef Vegan Pizza Crusts, Daiya Mozzerella Shreds (also BC Local) and Rao’s Homemade Pizza Sauce which is gluten-free and dairy free and our go-to when we are feeling like making sauce from scratch.
The pizza turned out great.  Some totally loved the kale, some did not.  The fig was a big hit.  Personally we could cover the pizza in avocado and be done.  So YUM!
There were so many other great options for toppings that we could have made an endless number of pizza topping combinations.  We have to say, it’s unfortunate St. Patricks Day isn’t in the summer when the colourful produce is bountiful.  But then maybe we just skip the shamrock and make a Summer Rainbow pizza and Bob’s Your Uncle!  While going through the grocery store we used this pic for inspiration:

Look how pretty it is!!  Just think of the possibilities.  We seriously can’t get butternut squash out of our mind for a future pizza.  Might be a case of curing temptation but giving in to temptation!  Squash pizza here we come!
We hope you enjoyed this post.  Let us know your ideas for a rainbow pizza.  We’d love to hear them.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone regardless of how you celebrate.  May it be filled with delicious gluten-free (beer!).

Make sure to use the hashtag #tgfcpizzaparty when posting pics with our pizza crusts.  We want to see them!!

The Gluten Free Chef

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