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It was such a great time at the Gluten Free Expo last month.  Among all the excitement of connecting with new customers, old customers, listening to speakers and trying new products we actually had the chance to connect with some of those wonderful vendors. One of those wonderful vendors in this case, happens to be the lovely ladies of Forte Whole Foods.  I mean what would go better with our pancakes and bread then their delicious chocolate, fruit and date spreads that are nut free?!  Not to mention that they walk the gluten-free path as much as us or all of you, if not more creating their own products beyond the spreads that they sell on their website.
Now normally we’re all about the chocolate.  But after Valentine’s Day we’re a little chocolated out so we shifted gears and decided to put our focus on the Orange Date Spread and we’re are so glad we did!  The lively citrus of this delicious and dare we say, guilt free spread, livened up the morning like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  We just loved it on The Gluten Free Chef White Bread!  We surprisingly had to have a few rounds of toast before we could finish breakfast.  And what could be more wonderful than it being naturally sweetened with dates, no artificial sugars or flavours, no nuts so it can follow our little ones to school and made locally in Vancouver by two stellar up and coming mompreneurs!  Their spreads are almost as much a delight as they are.  And vice versa!
We invite you to try something new this week.  This Orange Date spread was a taste of summer that brightened the spritz of spring that is starting in the air.  Even though the weather says there is more snow a-coming, what better foods to be locked up in the house with than locally made foods, made with love.  Who needs Valentines and chocolate.

Orange you glad we said so!

The Gluten Free Chef

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