Toast Tuesday :: Strawberry Balsamic & Cacao Nibs

This toast was such a hit we just had to make sure it was up here on our blog for the record.  Unfortunately, if you don’t live in BC you won’t have access to the delicious and beautifully handcrafted preserves by Le Meadows Pantry.  Genevieve makes “luscious jams, bold marmalades and unruly chutneys and mostardas using old world techniques.” You can view her lovely process unfold on her Instagram.  Be careful not to drool so much you short circuit your keyboard though!

For this toast mix we used her Strawberry & Balsamic preserve, with sliced strawberries, Earth Balance and raw cacao nibs on our The Gluten Free Chef White Bread.  What an amazing combo to start the day, you’ll probably want to repeat at snack time and tea time and bedtime, oh my!  So tasty and full of flavour.  Not to mention that the caffeine in raw cacao nibs give us a subtle burst of ‘go get-em’ along with the sleek, Parisienne ‘je new sais quoi’ of strawberries and balsamic. You may have to trust us on this one if that description made absolutely no sense. Basically, this toast has sass and class and we highly recommend it.

The Gluten Free Chef

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